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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • Revealing Online Movement Talks Candidly About Abortion: When the national abortion rights debate takes center stage, it often seems that the loudest opponents—how to put this mildly?—lack a uterus and don't have any realistic experience with the difficult choice one in three women makes to end a pregnancy. Whether it's taboo or lack of comfort in that realm, the voices of women who have actually had abortions are rarely heard—a problem, considering ...
  • Appeals court order keeps Mississippi's sole abortion clinic open: By Emily Le Coz JACKSON Miss. (Reuters) - Mississippi's sole abortion clinic will remain open after a federal appeals court refused on Thursday to reconsider its decision to block a state law that would have closed it. The law, passed in 2012, required doctors at the clinic to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, a standard they could not meet. A three-member panel of the 5th U.S ...
  • Book review: ‘Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,’ by Katha Pollitt: Katha Pollitt seeks to cast abortion as a social good ? a decision made by women who celebrate motherhood.
  • Ohio 'heartbeat' abortion bill gets panel's OK: COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A bill that would impose some of the nation's most stringent abortion restrictions cleared an Ohio House committee Thursday after suddenly re-surfacing in the lame duck session.
  • Ruling: Mississippi abortion law remains blocked: JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A federal appeals court said Thursday that it won't reconsider its earlier ruling that a 2012 Mississippi abortion law is unconstitutional.
  • She The People: Sharing abortion stories at Speakout aims to reduce shame and stigma: Abortion doesn't have to be a secret you carry to the grave: More than 100 women share their stories at a Speakout.
  • Northern Ireland anti-abortion activist convicted: DUBLIN (AP) — Northern Ireland's most prominent anti-abortion activist was convicted Wednesday of harassing the director of Belfast's only abortion clinic in the latest chapter of a bitter two-year confrontation.
  • Tens of thousands march against abortion in Spain: Tens of thousands of Spaniards rallied in Madrid on Saturday threatening to punish the government in elections next year unless it revives a plan to restrict women's access to abortion.
  • Abortion protester harassed worker: An anti-abortion protester is convicted of harassing a Marie Stopes clinic director at her Belfast city centre offices.
  • State spares only Cincinnati abortion clinic: Ohio’s health director will allow Cincinnati’s last abortion clinic to continue to perform surgeries there, the agency announced Thursday. The state’s decision comes just days after Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, which operates the clinic, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Nov. 11, against the state’s abortion law and health director. The clinic has been at risk for closure since last ...
  • Ohio Planned Parenthood Abortion Referral Clinic Closes: On October 31, a Planned Parenthood abortion facility shut down in southwest Ohio. The director of communications for Planned Parenthood, Danielle Craig, said the location at 834 Ohio Pike in Withamsville is now closed. However, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, Jerry Lawson, claims the closure has nothing to do with budget cuts made […]
  • Forced to Sell Abortion Drugs? Pharmacists in Court to Challenge Washington Law: Yesterday afternoon in Portland, Oregon, the owners of Olympia based Ralph’s Thriftway were be in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals defending their right not to sell Plan B, a drug that causes early term abortions. No CGs – ADF: Govt shouldn’t force Christian pharmacists to dispense abortion-inducing drugs from ADF Media Relations […]
  • Catholic Bishops: Shut Down Government to Stop Obamacare’s Abortion Funding: The nation’s Catholic bishops are so upset about taxpayer funding of abortions in Obamacare they are urging a shutdown of the federal government so the issue can be addressed. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a letter to members of Congress advocating adding language to the “must-pass funding legislation” such as the […]
  • Activist: Abortion is Okay Because Some Women Just Don’t Want to Be Pregnant: In October 2013, Jessica Valenti, a pro-abortion writer for The Guardian, opened up about her own abortion experience. Without mentioning the word “abortion” once, Valenti shares how ending the life of her unborn child was incredibly difficult because she always wanted a sibling for her daughter, Layla. However, she believed it was her only option […]
  • When Doctors Tell You Your Baby May a Fetal Anomaly, That Info May be Misleading: In a previous article, I spoke about the pressure that doctors often put on the parents of disabled unborn babies to abort. One study cited in that article found that: … [d]espite the shock and grief they may experience upon hearing the news of a fetal anomaly, the pregnant woman and her partner are usually […]
  • This Pro-Life Sand Castle May be the Most Amazing Sand Castle You’ve Ever Seen: A sand sculpture created at an event in Florida captures the miracle of a human baby! Artists from as far away as the Philippines competed in the 5th annual Siesta Key Crystal Classic Master Sand Sculpting Competition on Nov. 14-18. Founded in 2010, the competition takes place every November over the course of 7 days, […]
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