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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • Closure of Morgentaler Clinic turns abortion into New Brunswick election issue: No savvy Canadian politician willingly wades into the issue of abortion. Polling shows public opinion is pretty solidified on either side and bringing it up never wins votes, only loses them. Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told the socially-conservative … Continue reading →
  • Arizona Seeks to Postpone Ruling on Drug-Induced Abortion: Arizona is seeking to postpone a ruling that blocked its restrictions on drug-induced abortions while it appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Study Debunks Abortion Ban Myths: A new study dismantles the idea that Asian cultural preferences fuel gender-based abortions. The U.S. is one of five countries with an explicit ban.
  • Abortion rate falls; sides debate merits: The abortion rate has continued to decline in Indiana amid a long march of laws that have made it steadily more difficult for a woman to end her pregnancy in the state, health records show.
  • 1 year later, no new abortion rules in N. Carolina: RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Abortion rights advocates in North Carolina say they are in the dark about new rules required by a year-old law that they fear could effectively shut down many of the state's clinics.
  • Abortion foe files ethics complaint against Pompeo: WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - A national anti-abortion leader has asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo for alleged ethics violations during his re-election campaign. Troy Newman is president of Operation Rescue. Last week, he made public documentation sent to the agency accusing the ...
  • Half Of Texas Abortion Clinics Close After Restrictions Enacted: Many clinics closed because of a new requirement that doctors at those clinics obtain admitting privileges at hospitals near the clinics. Many doctors couldn't comply.
  • Massachusetts lawmakers take up bill on abortion clinic buffer zones: BOSTON - Massachusetts lawmakers took up consideration on Wednesday of a bill to limit protests around abortion clinics after the U.S. Supreme Court last month struck down an earlier law that kept demonstrators at least 35 feet (9 meters) from clinic entrances.
  • Mass. moves on abortion clinic bill: How is it different from buffer zone law?: Massachusetts lawmakers are moving quickly on new legislation to protect access to abortion clinics in the wake of the US Supreme Court striking down the state’s 35-foot buffer zones. The proposed law also prohibits intimidating, threatening, or injuring staff or others accessing the facility, as well as interfering with vehicles entering, exiting, or parking. Before the state’s 2007 buffer-zone ...
  • Senate Democrats move to prevent state restrictions on abortion: Hoping to appeal to female voters, Senate Democrats pushed a bill Tuesday to prevent states from placing restrictions on abortion that do not apply to other medical procedures.
  • His Cerebral Palsy Should Have Left Him Unable to Walk, But He’s a Star Athlete: Meet Ben Jackson. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Ben didn’t want that to define him. So he pushed himself to become a wrestler. Even then, Ben wasn’t finished. He’s now striving to compete at the international level in weightlifting. Ben is just one inspirational athlete who truly defines what it means to win from within. Click […]
  • Winton’s List: This Man Saved Hundreds of Jews From Death, Now He Meets Them 50 Years Later: You’ve heard of Oscar Schindler, but have you heard of Sir Nicholas Winton? Winton organized the rescue of 669 mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War, in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. Winton found homes for the children and arranged for their safe passage to […]
  • First-Time Dad Can’t Get His Newborn Girl to Stop Crying, What Happens Next is Priceless: Here is a powerful video with a pro-life theme that you should spend two minutes watching. Dave Andrusko of the National Right to Life Committee tells us why this video is so amazing: It’s been a long, long time since I was a first-time dad trying frantically to figure out what to do (in the […]
  • Euthanasia Movement Now Pushing People to Starve Themselves to Death: I continue to push back against the starvation killing agenda now being promoted vigorously among assisted suicide advocacy groups and by some bioethics. Toward that end, I have a piece just out in the Weekly Standard warning about where this is heading. First, I establish context. From, “The Ethics of Food and Drink:” Should the law compel […]
  • Pregnant Women Celebrate Their Babies With Awesome Paintings on Their Bellies: Here’s a unique way pregnant women are celebrating life! Women are commissioning an artist in England to paint their swollen bellies with unique and child-based images that are vivid and full of imagination. Here is more and some of the amazing drawings: Click here to sign up for daily pro-life news alerts from LifeNews.com In […]
  • Dear Hobby Lobby Haters: Birth Control is Not Medicine: There is one argument against the Hobby Lobby decision that is driving me crazy maybe because it is going unchallenged on Facebook pages and comboxes all over. It goes like this: if Hobby Lobby can deny health insurance coverage for birth control, then what will stop a company owned by other religious nut jobs from […]
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