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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • While Pro-Lifers Face Steep New Penalties, Serial Killers Get Off Scot Free: It’s a reversal that makes no sense. After the Supreme Court unanimously decided in favor of free speech in June – a case brought by 77 year-old sidewalk counselor Eleanor McCullen – Massachusetts recently enacted a law that reinstates buffer zones around abortion centers. Under the new Massachusetts law, even peaceful grandmothers like McCullen who distribute literature within 25 […]
  • Planned Parenthood President Uses Ferguson Situation to Push Abortion: A national civil rights and violence debate is brewing because of the tenuous situation in Ferguson, Missouri. But the president of the Planned Parenthood abortion business isn’t letting an opportunity to push her pro-abortion agenda go to waste. LifeNews blogger Ryan Bomberger has more on Cecile Richards’ latest antics: And to add more craziness to […]
  • Irish Pro-Life Rally Will Support Premature Baby Victimized by Abortion Law: A pro-life rally taking place Friday night in Dublin will support the premature baby who was victimized by Ireland’s law allowing some abortions. The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised the statements from a number of Labour Party TDs demanding wider access to abortion and for Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution to be deleted. The […]
  • Nurses on Home Visits to Patients Told to Ask: Can We Kill You?: Euthanasia. Rationing. Assisted Suicide. These are the kinds of concerns the pro-life community brought up when Congress pushed through Obamacare and government-run health care. These concerns are already becoming real in the Untied States, but a new story out of the United Kingdom should give Americans a hint as to what’s next. Nurses who are […]
  • Let’s Be Honest, The Only Goal of Abortion is a Dead Baby: I wrote a couple of weeks ago about one of the major problems I have with the bodily autonomy argument: that it’s totally at odds with people’s real-life experiences with abortion. In keeping with that theme, here’s another issue I have with the bodily autonomy argument. If the bodily autonomy argument were genuine, abortion supporters […]
  • New Zealand Creates Website Targeting Pro-Life Doctors Who Won’t Refer for Abortions: ALRANZ is dishonest and hypocritical in setting up a website to list doctors who are known to oppose the killing of innocent unborn children and who are not prepared to prescribe contraception. The list while intended to shame doctors is in effect, a ‘roll of honour’ for our medical practitioners and will assist citizens who […]
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