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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • Is a Catholic Hospital in Wisconsin Employing an Abortion Practitioner?: There has been an interesting situation as of late at the Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse Wisconsin, according to a local news outlet, La Crosse Tribune. The hospital is co-sponsored with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Thus, as an institution which bears at least part of Catholic sponsorship, one should expect […]
  • Father’s Touching Diary to Premature Baby He Feared Would Not Survive Goes Viral: Daisy-Mae Little was born on December 1, 103 days before her due date. Her parents Wayne and Jenny feared their newborn daughter would not survive after she was rushed to special care so, to help get support for her from friends and family, her father Wayne Little started a Facebook diary to chronicle her journey. […]
  • “Safe, Legal and Rare?” Hillary Clinton Has Never Done Anything to Make Abortion Rare: If you’ve paid much attention the last couple of weeks, you already know Hillary Clinton’s been through an awfully rough patch of water for someone who (somehow) had heretofore been designated as the likely Democratic candidate for President in 2016. You know the litany. To name just a few…the skin-crawling-inducing comments about being “broke” and […]
  • Abortion Activists Grow More Extreme: “Every Reason for an Abortion Is a Good Reason”: There is something to be said for the Amanda Marcottes of this world, especially when they write posts for pro-abortion sites with headlines like “Every Reason for an Abortion Is a Good Reason.” Of course even this understates where she is coming from. Writers often don’t compose their own headlines. To Marcotte the very notion […]
  • Judge Says Incest Okay Because Abortion Can Kill “Deformed” Babies Incest Produces: An Australian Judge has implied that incest is okay ad to make matters worse he suggested legalized abortion can get rid of children that may be born deformed from the relationship. According to The Independent, District Court Judge Garry Neilson has been criticized for espousing the view that sexual contact between siblings or between adults […]
  • Chinese Couple Sells Their Children to Buy Online Video Games: We frequently report here at LifeNews how abortion has led to a society that devalues the lives of children – born or unborn. Here is another story that makes that case. In this case, two video game-obsessed parents allegedly sold their kids to child traffickers and used the money to buy fictional items in online […]
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