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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • 2 Closed Alabama Abortion Clinics Reopen: 2 closed Alabama abortion clinics reopen, giving state total of 5
  • Can abortion be de-stigmatized?: Carol Costello says activists, writers, politicians have begun discussing their abortions. But will that new approach make a difference on an old battleground?
  • Make your abortion public?: Carol Costello says activists, writers, politicians have begun discussing their abortions. But will that new approach make a difference on an old battleground?
  • California orders churches, others to pay for abortion, despite federal protections: Despite a 2004 federal law, the state of California is telling churches and other faith-based employers their health...
  • Abortion clinic subject to 'political interference': Health PEI should be able to provide local access to abortion without political interference, says provincial NDP Leader Mike Redmond. Redmond was responding to a CBC News story revealing that planning for a clinic that would provide abortion services on the Island was cut short by the order of Health Minister Doug Currie. “It is political interference.
  • 2 closed Alabama abortion clinics reopen, giving state total of 5: MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Two closed abortion clinics in Alabama have reopened, giving the state a total of five licensed clinics, but how long most remain open depends on the outcome of a lawsuit.
  • Why is abortion still a criminal offence in the UK?: Abortion remains a criminal offence here in the UK. It's why the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is campaining so hard for it to finally be decriminalised. Radhika Sanghani reports
  • Texas abortion clinics reopen after court reprieve: Texas abortion clinics that closed under tough new restrictions began reopening Wednesday after winning a reprieve at the U.S. Supreme Court, but the facilities were scheduling women with uncertainty and ...
  • There are still laws against abortion in the UK this must end: Most people in Northern Ireland believe women should have access to an abortion in cases of rape or foetal abnormality. Why is it still illegal there? At first it wouldnt seem that the Conservative party, Democratic Unionist party and the Scottish National party have a huge amount in common but their health ministers certainly do. Jeremy Hunt in England , Jim Wells in Northern Ireland and Alex ...
  • From Abortion Comedy to Children’s Books: How do you make everyone forget about cursing on ‘SNL’? You stun critics in a hit indie film. And you charm them with the return of a talking seashell.
  • 3-D Printers Help Save Infants With Heart Defects: Every year in the United States, 36,000 children are born with congenital heart defects. While some defects are minor, many are life threatening and require surgery. Sometimes the surgeries can be dangerous because surgeons are going in blind; however, this summer physicians successful used a safer method to perform heart surgery. The surgeons at Presbyterian […]
  • Boyfriend Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend With a Baseball Bat and Dumps Her in Shallow Grave: Samantha Greenlee, a 22-year-old pregnant woman from Columbus, Ohio, has been missing since October 8 after disappearing following a waitressing shift. Her boyfriend Jacob Ferrero, 22, was arrested this morning and has been charged with murder and aggravated arson. Police say Greenlee was beaten with a baseball bat and strangled. Ferrero, the father of her […]
  • ISIS Sells Thousands of Women for $10 and Feminists are Worried About $10 Birth Control: Penny Nance, the pro-life advocate who is the head of Concerned Women for America, write an excellent article today that blows away the phony baloney war on women mantra abortion activists are using against pro-life candidates and pro-life groups. She puts the entire debate in context about how pro-abortion feminists are up in arms over […]
  • Alabama Abortion Facility Reopens Next to Middle School: Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWCRA) reopened their doors last week after closing down due to Alabama’s Women’s Health and Safety Act. The Act required abortion facilities to meet the same building standards as Ambulatory Surgical Centers. The owner of the abortion facility, Dalton Johnson, said he was “extremely relieved” to be back in […]
  • Woman Arrested After Bodies of Several Dead Infant Babies Found in Storage Locker: Officials have made an arrest in connection with a grisly case in Canada, where local officials in Winnipeg, Canada say they have found the bodies of several dead infant babies in a storage locker. Workers at a U-Haul facility called police with the disturbing news. Police tweeted about the arrest Wednesday morning. Police spokesman Const. […]
  • “Bro-Choice” Activist Writes Blog on How to Convince a Woman to Have an Abortion: A Bro-choicer calling himself “Bacon” on the Return of Kings Blog has come up with a “plan” for convincing a girl to have an abortion to avoid child support. The male abortion advocate writes, “Let’s face it: sexually active people have accidents. Shit happens, that’s life. But we know that men have no reproductive rights […]
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