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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • Arizona governor signs abortion drug notification mandate: PHOENIX (AP) — Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Monday that requires abortion providers in Arizona to tell women they can reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion and also bars women from buying any health care plan through the federal marketplace that includes abortion coverage.
  • Arizona governor signs bill restricting abortions and abortion insurance: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Monday that requires abortion providers to tell women they can reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion.
  • Abortion Waiting Period Debate Continues: A heated abortion debate boiled over on the second straight day in the Florida Capitol.
  • Abortion rights activists object to waiting period bill: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Abortion rights backers objected angrily to time limits on public comments as a bill requiring a 24 hour waiting period for an abortion got its first Senate committee approval Tuesday. The legislation, SB 724 sponsored by Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, would require that a woman wait ...
  • Morocco confronts abortion taboo with proposed reform: CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) — It was just 7 a.m. and Hoda was walking alone to a clinic in the Moroccan coastal city of Agadir. She skipped breakfast: the Senegalese doctor had told her that the abortion would be better done on an empty stomach.
  • Can an Abortion Be Undone?: Women who opt to get an abortion in Arizona within their first two months of pregnancy may soon find themselves on the receiving end of some unusual advice from their doctors. A medical abortion, which works within the first nine weeks or so of gestation, involves taking two pills within a few days of each other. This week Arizona lawmakers passed a bill that would require doctors who perform ...
  • New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to ‘destigmatize’ the procedure: A Maryland clinic is part of a push among advocates to openly embrace abortions.
  • Abortion dynamics in sharp focus as judge rules against Wisc. law: A federal judge in Wisconsin on Friday ruled that the state’s effort to beef up patient safety at abortion clinics is unconstitutional because of its unequal impact on women. The ruling is a poignant rebuff to a potent antiabortion strategy that has already begun to shutter abortion clinics in the South and Midwest. The offending law, which was signed by Gov. Scott Walker in 2013, required ...
  • Arizona orders doctors to misleadingly tell women abortions may be reversible: State governor Doug Ducey passes law as part of broader anti-abortion legislation, but most doctors say claim is wrong and not supported by facts Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed a law late on Monday that requires doctors in the state to tell women having a medical abortion that the procedure is reversible, advice regarded by most doctors as wrong and misleading. The legislation also bans ...
  • U.S. abortion politics snag effort to fix doctors' Medicare pay: By Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Abortion politics in the U.S. Congress, already holding up a human trafficking bill and a key Obama administration nomination, are now also complicating bipartisan talks on a deal that would spare physicians from Medicare pay cuts. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and another senior Democrat, Senator Ron Wyden, say they're worried that an emerging House ...
  • Baby Born With Half a Heart Still Fighting for Life After Four Open-Heart Surgeries: In 2013, Jack Stevens was born with a rare condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), which causes the left lower chamber of the heart to not develop properly. However, Jack is a fighter is now 15-months-old. During his short life, he’s already had nine operations, suffered a stroke and been resuscitated three times. Additionally, four […]
  • CBS News Poll: 59% of Americans Want Abortions Not Permitted or More Abortion Limits: Although the 2016 presidential election is 19 months away, we’re already under siege by pollsters asking about various candidacies, the importance of various issues, and just the general lay of the land (often taking the form of does the respondent think the country is headed in the right direction). A CBS News poll released Sunday […]
  • Instead of Having an Abortion, This Couple Did Something Amazing to Save Their Daughter’s Life: In 2013, Bobby and Shelly Ross found out at an 18-week ultrasound that their daughter had spina bifida, which is a type of neural tube defect and can occur at varying severities. Tragically, 68% of unborn children who are diagnosed with spina bifida in utero die from abortion. Additionally, the couple was told that their […]
  • Surrogacy Firms are Selling “Extra” Babies on the Black Market to the Highest Bidder: International surrogacy is often touted as a win-win situation. Western couples get a baby gestated for them at a low price, and the women in third world countries get more money than they would normally see in a lifetime. But all we rich western countries have to do is look a tad bit closer and […]
  • 21 People With Down Syndrome Featured in Stunning Portraits: In Iceland, photographer Stigga Ella started capturing pictures of people with Down syndrome to shed light on the ethical questions of where we are headed as a society with today’s ability to choose who is born based on prenatal testing for genetic disorders. She told CNN,  “I am not against prenatal/genetic testing for abnormalities but […]
  • Huge Breakthrough Made to Treat Brain Cancer That Prompted Brittany Maynard to Kill Herself: Scientists have announced a huge breakthrough that could have provided help for Brittany Maynard, the cancer patient who received national attention over her plan to kill herself under Oregon’s assisted suicide law. Cancer patients and pro-life groups tried to talk her out of the decision but Maynard said she didn’t want to deal with the […]
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