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On this page you'll find constantly updated links to the most recent, abortion-related articles from Yahoo! News and LifeNews. Because these articles come are from 3rd party sources, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Abort73.com
  • Abortion reform sparks new questions from opposition parties: Premier Brian Gallant’s decision to remove barriers to abortion services in New Brunswick is not ending the contentious debate as his main opposition rivals are seeking more answers. Gallant announced on Wednesday that his government was scrapping the regulation that set up the controversial two-doctor rule, which has been in place for two decades. The regulation has been viewed by many as a ...
  • New Brunswick abortion restriction lifted by Premier Brian Gallant: Premier Brian Gallant is removing a key regulation that has restricted access to abortion services in New Brunswick for two decades. The premier promised in the election campaign to review Regulation 84-20, which requires women seeking a hospital abortion to have two doctors certify it as medically necessary.The review identified barriers to abortion services, according to Gallant. “Identifying ...
  • Revealing Online Movement Talks Candidly About Abortion: When the national abortion rights debate takes center stage, it often seems that the loudest opponents—how to put this mildly?—lack a uterus and don't have any realistic experience with the difficult choice one in three women makes to end a pregnancy. Whether it's taboo or lack of comfort in that realm, the voices of women who have actually had abortions are rarely heard—a problem, considering ...
  • P.E.I. not worst abortion access in country: Prince Edward Island does not have the worst access to abortion services in the country, despite being the only province not to provide the service, according to a new study.
  • New Brunswick government to ease access to abortion as of January: FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick government is scrapping a section of a contentious regulation that restricted access to abortion for decades and set the province apart for its unique policies on the procedure.
  • Appeals court order keeps Mississippi's sole abortion clinic open: By Emily Le Coz JACKSON Miss. (Reuters) - Mississippi's sole abortion clinic will remain open after a federal appeals court refused on Thursday to reconsider its decision to block a state law that would have closed it. The law, passed in 2012, required doctors at the clinic to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, a standard they could not meet. A three-member panel of the 5th U.S ...
  • Abortion clinic opens without license; issue cleared up: LAS CRUCES — A clinic offering abortion and other women’s health services has opened in Las Cruces. The facility was... more »
  • New Brunswick to ease access to abortion in January: The New Brunswick government is scrapping a section of a contentious regulation that restricted access to abortion for decades and set the province apart for its unique policies on the procedure.
  • Abortion access varies widely across Canada: Canada has 94 locations where women can get an abortion, according to one study. Nearly half of them are in Quebec.
  • Incest, rape outrage reignites Chile abortion debate: Santiago (AFP) - Raped by a member of her family and pregnant with a fetus that doctors said wouldn't survive, the 13-year-old Chilean girl had no choice but to carry the baby to term.
  • Patient With Multiple Sclerosis Was Killed and Her Organs Harvested: So, this is where euthanasia leads, and how its values spread like a virus. Belgium permits euthanasia to be combined with organ harvesting. That odious couplng has now apparently spread to the Netherlands, where Dickey Ringeling, age 61, came down with a serious case of MS. Rather than live with her disabling difficulties, she wanted be killed […]
  • Did Britain Ban American Pro-Life Activist Bryan Kemper?: A columnist for a British newspaper has suggested banning Priests for Life Youth Director Bryan Kemper from the United Kingdom. In a convoluted piece full of UPPERCASE OUTRAGE, Observer columnist Catherine Bennett talks about the British ban on self-described “seduction expert” Julien Blanc, and suggests some others who might abandon all hope of ever again […]
  • Compassion and Choices Used Name From Brittany Maynard Sympathy Card for Assisted Suicide Petition: A woman who says she signed a sympathy card for Brittany Maynard says the pro-assisted suicide group Compassion and Choices took her name from the card and placed it on a petition to legalize assisted suicide. The pro-life advocate says she never signed a Compassion and Choices petition to support legalizing assisted suicide. Iowa Right […]
  • Tens of Thousands of Pro-Lifers Rally in Spain to Protest Abortion: Last Saturday, tens of thousands of people participated in a demonstration in Madrid protesting their government’s decision to end efforts to ban abortion except for cases of rape and incest. The theme of the pro-life march was “Every Life Matters,” and 500 buses brought people from all over the country to peacefully stand for life. […]
  • VIDEO: “Adoption Saves Lives from Abortion, It Saved Mine”: In the United States, November is National Adoption Month and it’s a time to reflect on the life-saving work of adoption. From infant and foster-care adoption to international adoption, everyday children are rescued from abortion, abuse and lives of suffering because they were placed with a forever family. Now a new video from Concerned Women […]
  • New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant Drops Protecting Women From Dangerous Abortions: The announcement today that New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is removing Regulation 84-20 comes as no surprise. Regulation 84-20 requires that only medically necessary abortions be funded with tax dollars. Mr. Gallant made a commitment that if elected he would act swiftly to remove all remaining safeguards for women seeking to end the life of […]
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