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Campus Outreach Opps: Silent Day & Cupcakes

Sep 04, 2009 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Ministry Updates

This October, two nationwide, campus outreach events are taking place: Cupcakes for Life (Oct. 9) and the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity (Oct. 20). Though the tone and emphasis of these events differ, both aim at bringing focused, campus attention to the injustice of abortion. If you've visited the "Non-Abort73 Involvement Opportunities" page on our website, you've encountered these events before. This year however, Abort73 is partnering with these events in a brand new way. How? Through the design and release of Abort73 Cupcakes for Life and Silent Day T-shirts.

From the beginning, Abort73 T-shirts have been integral to the marketing of Abort73.com. Each one serves as a pointer to the website, and these new shirts do the exact same thing – from within the broader context of these events. If you're a high school or college student, I hope you'll consider participating in one or both of these events. And if you do, the new Abort73 event T-shirts are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your involvement by introducing everyone who sees you to Abort73.com.

Unlike any of the Abort73 shirts we've released in the past, these shirts are only available through the event websites. You can't buy them from us. I designed them, and then handed the files off to Cupcakes for Life and Silent Day for actual production. I have no idea what the response will be, but I'm hoping that these shirts will sell well enough to convince the event coordinators that this is a partnership worth maintaining in the years to come. Take a few minutes to visit the event websites and start thinking about what kind of influence you want to have on your campus this semester for the cause of life.

The Abort73 Cupcakes for Life T-shirt

The Abort73 Silent Day T-shirt

Michael Spielman is the founder and director of Abort73.com. His book, Love the Least (A Lot), is available as a free download. You can also find him on Facebook and Google+. Abort73 is part of Loxafamosity Ministries, a 501c3, Christian education corporation. If you have been helped by the information available at Abort73.com, please consider making a donation.

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4 Comments on Campus Outreach Opps: Silent Day & Cupcakes

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kellytaylor (Sep 05, 2009 / 11:31 CST)

I’m a college student. To get involved do I just buy the shirt at wear it to school?


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