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New Content: Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath

Jul 27, 2006 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Ministry Updates

For the first time in many months, we've added a new page of content to Abort73's Case Against Abortion. Special thanks to Daniel Calderon, Abort73's intern for the week, for helping to compile some of the background info. The new page, "Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath", falls under our Medical Testimony section, and examines both the classic Hippocratic Oath (which explicitly condemns abortion) and some of the more modern revisions that have followed. As is often the case, what began with a fairly narrow research focus broadened quickly as more historical data was uncovered. Some of our extra finds were immediately applicable to the new page (including the relationship between abortion in Nazi Germany and the medical ethics guidelines that were crafted in response to Nazi abuses). Other research will be tucked away for later. Take a few minutes to look over the new page, which ultimately helps demonstrate that medical opposition to abortion is a long-established reality.

Click here to visit "Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath"

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