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If you’d like to see this shirt reprinted, let us know by sharing this page. Use the tags: @abort73 #GA96 & #BringthisBack. Clubs or student groups may special-order these shirts for $15 each—with a minimum purchase of 24 shirts. Contact us for details.

Shirt Details

52% Cotton / 48% Polyestere. The production cost of this shirt was $8.90. Consult the measurements below to determine the correct size:

  Length Width
28" 16-1/2"
29" 18"
30" 20"
31" 22"
32" 24"
33" 26"
size diagram

Design Explanation

This limited-edition graphic was designed for a September 2015 event near Atlanta, GA. Though the number “96” may have a positive connotation as it relates to the 1996 Summer Olympics, it has a much more sinister meaning in this context. Every day in Georgia, approximately 96 unborn human beings are violently killed by abortion. That is 96 too many!

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96 a Day is Ninety-Six Too Many!

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96 a Day is Ninety-Six Too Many!

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96 a Day is Ninety-Six Too Many!