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Tools of Mass Destruction

Premium Fine Jersey (unisex) T-shirt

Tools of Mass Destruction pro-life T-shirt from Abort73.com

COLORS: White / Butter / Silver

Tools of Mass Destruction pro-life T-shirt from Abort73.com

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Shirt Details

100% Fine Jersey cotton. American Apparel (#2001). Made in USA. The production cost of this shirt was $9.23. Consult the measurements below to determine the correct size:

  Length Width Sleeve
27-3/8" 16-1/2" 8"
28-3/8" 18" 8-1/4"
29-3/8" 20" 8-1/2"
30-3/8" 22" 8-3/4"
31-3/8" 24" 9"
32-3/8" 26" 9-1/4"
size diagram

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Extra Large 2XL
White 2 Left!   Sold Out 1 Left! Sold Out Sold Out
Butter Extra Small
Large Extra Large 2XL
Butter Sold Out 1 Left! 4 Left! Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Silver Extra Small
Silver Sold Out   2 Left! 3 Left! 2 Left! 4 Left!

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Design Explanation

These instruments may look rather benign, but they are daily put to horrific ends. Speculum, tenaculum, curette, manual vacuum aspirator, cannula, dilators, forceps, syringe, and scissors. These are the tools of abortion. These are the tools that make it possible to pull human embryos and fetuses to pieces, killing them by penetrating trauma.

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Tools of Mass Destruction

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