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Abort73 Booklets

High-quality presentation; pocket-sized packaging.

Abort73 booklets are small, lightweight, and economical. And unlike our shirts, stickers, pens, and promo cards, they do more than just point people to They're stand-alone resources with great educational value in their own right. Read them online, download a PDF to see the entire layout, and then order some to keep on hand or give away!

You Care About Me, Right? Booklets from You Care About Me, Right? Booklets from

You Care About Me, Right?

An Open Letter to Abortion Advocates | Life Stories: Volume 1

Length: 8 Pages / Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25" / Read Online / Download (PDF)


As a senior in college, Lindsay had two abortions – one performed surgically and one performed medically. This is her open letter to "the men and women of the pro-choice movement." She writes in part, "Now having gone through two abortion experiences, I can only conclude that many of you have never made the choice that I did. If you had, wouldn’t you have told me more… because you care about me, right?" This booklet is a tremendous resource for crisis pregnancy counseling and also includes a brief timeline of prenatal development and an overview of common abortion techniques. (Intro Booklet) Booklets from (Intro Booklet) Booklets from (Intro Booklet)

Standing for abortion-vulnerable women and children.

Length: 12 Pages / Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.44" / Download (PDF)


This 12-page booklet is designed to introduce people to the work and ministry of If you want to demonstrate to someone that abortion is wrong, point them to If you want to let someone know more about Abort73 and how to get involved, these booklets will do the trick. View the PDF to see everything that's included.

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