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Abort73 Web Graphics & Wallpaper

Resources to help you point your friends, fans, or followers to

Ever use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter? Then Abort73 web graphics are a great way to introduce your friends, fans, and followers to the vital message of Feel free to copy and post any of the designs below. We have widescreen versions available too. Click on the design of your choice to get started. Every post helps!

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Love Your Unborn Neighbor In NYC, 33% Don’t Make it Out Alive. History Will Know the Truth… Love Life Birth Dates for All! Indifference is Deadly Given a Choice, They’d Want a Chance. Without Life, There is No Liberty Faith, Hope, Adoption! Defend the Cause of the Weak and the Helpless Life Saver Love Lets Live (Alternate) Abort73 (Nova) Trees Aren’t the Only Things Worth Saving (Big Logo) Life Is Not an Accident Stop the Violence Abort73 (Showtime) Life’s Greatest Blessings Are Unplanned 96 a Day is Ninety-Six Too Many! Educate. Activate. Regret Dies Hard Love Lets Live (Flag) Abort73 (Blue Devils) Choose Wisely Every Child is a Work of Art Life is its Own Reward Indifference is Deadly There is Nothing Tolerant About Killing the Weak and the Helpless. (Web Banner) Don’t Do Nothing Think Hard! Abortion is Awful Abort73 (Vandy) Unplanned ≠ Unwanted ≠ Unworthy Every Act of Violence Starts with a “Choice” ¡Vivan los Niños! Not All is Golden Live & Let Live Abort73 (Huskies) Life is Rad Evil Ignored is Evil Embraced Bring Justice to the Fatherless Abort73 (Jersey) Speak for the Weak The More Helpless the Victim, The More Hideous the Assault. Act Justly. Love Mercy. Violence Against the Small is Still Violence Tools of Mass Destruction Love the Least (A Lot) Trees Aren’t the Only Things Worth Saving Educate. Activate. Stop Global Gendercide Abort73 / Block-Logo Birth Before Death Open Your Eyes No Regrets Yay for Kids Slogans Prove Nothing Better Off Alive See Things From the Other Side Engaging the Monster Love Lets Live Would it Bother Us More if They Used Guns? Would it Bother Us More if They Used Guns? Fix the Future / 73-Logo

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