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Roe Turns 44; Annual Abortion Total ≈ 906K

Jan 21, 2017 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion News

Tomorrow is the 44-year anniversary of Roe vs Wade. That's the 1973 Supreme Court verdict that struck down all state prohibitions against abortion and made it a constitutionally protected act. In 1973—that tragic year from which Abort73 takes its name—there were 615,831 abortions performed in the United States. By 1979, the annual abortion total had more than doubled, peaking in 1990 at somewhere around 1.5 million. For the next decade, the annual abortion total fell by around 2% each year. The annual decrease slowed to roughly 1% for the next eight years. Then in 2009, the annual abortion total started falling by an average of more than 4% per year—at least through 2014. 

In what has become an annual exercise for me each January, I have been gathering state-by-state abortion numbers so as to project a nationwide total for 2015. I do this for two reasons. First, most states release their abortion data far in advance of the federal government. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) didn't publish their 2013 abortion numbers until the end of last November. By that time, most…

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The Real Reasons Women Choose Abortion

Jan 10, 2017 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion Arguments

Why do women have abortions? As important a question as that is, it's hard to find a reliable answer. For more than a decade, the Guttmacher Institute has listed the same three reasons on their abortion fact sheet. Based on a 2004 survey of 1,209 post-abortive women at nine different facilities, they report the following:

  • Three-fourths of aborting women have an abortion because they can't afford a child.
  • Three-fourths of aborting women have an abortion because a child would interfere with their life (work, school, etc).
  • Half of aborting women have an abortion because they don't want to be a single parent.

You don't have to be a statistician to notice that these percentages don't seem to add up. How can you have more than 100% of something? This apparent discrepancy owes to the fact that each respondent was allowed to give more than one reason for having an abortion. Most…

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Four Reasons to Donate to Abort73.com

Dec 15, 2016 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Ministry Updates

We’re halfway through the month of December. Have you given any thought to making a year-end donation to Abort73? Our goal is an impossible one: $20,000. There’s no feasible way for an organization our size to get there, but that’s about what we need to get back to even for the year. Since launching our GIVE (like you mean it) campaign on Giving Tuesday, we’ve received eight donations for a total of $2,131. That leaves us almost 90% short of our goal.

There are a few reasons for that.

  1. I lack fundraising skills.
  2. We don't do direct mailings.
  3. The generation that does the most charitable giving (ages 49-67) represents only 15% of Abort73’s "fan" base. And almost 60% of our base belongs to the age group (18-32) that gives the least to charity.
  4. Abort73 is a web-based ministry that offers non-tangible services. It’s hard to convince people that these services must still be paid for.
  5. Abort73 is…

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More Like a School Than a Soup Kitchen

Dec 06, 2016 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Ministry Updates

For many years now, donors and charities alike have been conditioned to value (and demand) financial efficiency. And the way we have come to define financial efficiency is by measuring program expenses against administrative expenses. In other words, we compare the percentage spent on administrative costs (like salaries and fundraising) against the percentage spent on actually helping those in need. The lower the first number and the higher the second number, the more efficient a charity is considered to be. 

Here's the problem. This metric doesn't work at all for Abort73. In fact, my salary makes up the majority of Abort73's entire budget, which may well trouble some potential donors. Since we're launching our year-end donation drive today, it seems a good time to address this elephant in the room. To do so, I'm going to make three assertions and explain them as best I can.

1. Program expenses and administrative expenses can be indistinguishable

When evaluating the financial efficiency of Abort73, I'd…

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The Pragmatic Case for Legal Abortion (Part Two)

Aug 31, 2016 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Responses to Readers

In the first installment of this article, I introduced a list of pragmatic assertions that were made in defense of legal abortion. They came to us through a series of Instagram comments and can be summarized as follows:

  1. Mississippi’s state-level abortion restrictions provide a window into what an abortionless America would look like.
  2. Legally restricting abortion increases poverty and crime but does not diminish abortion.
  3. Federally outlawing abortion would not decrease its frequency but would cause an increase in crime, poverty, and unwanted births.

Having already argued that the intrinsic evil of abortion makes the pragmatic "gains" entirely inconsequential, I now want to focus on the assertions themselves. Is it really true that restrictive abortion laws have no impact on the abortion rate? Does decreasing the abortion rate actually increase crime and poverty? Before we get there, you may have already noticed that the listed assertions are self-refuting. Look at them again if you…

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