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Non-Abort73 Involvement Opportunities

More ways to intervene on behalf of abortion-vulnerable children.

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Abort73 does not have the market cornered on pro-life involvement opportunities. There are lots of great organizations out there offering myriads of ways to love and care for abortion-vulnerable women and children through education & awareness, direct pregnancy & child care assistance, post-abortion recovery and political activism.

Education & Awareness

The more someone knows about abortion, the less likely they are to have one. Eliminating abortion begins with education and there are many ways to become better educated yourself as you help to educate those around you.

Direct Pregnancy & Child Care Assistance

A great way to help care for the unborn is to minister to women who are pregnant, scared, and in need of help. This can be done by volunteering at your local pregnancy resource center, sidewalk counseling at a local abortion clinics, or adopting a child into your family. For children who were spared from abortion but now face difficult life circumstances, there are all sorts of ways to intervene on their behalf.

Post-Abortion Recovery

Many women who get abortions experience sorrow, guilt, and pain afterwards. Abortion is a sinful practice, but it is not unforgiveable. The following ministries exist to help women recover from the regret of abortion.

Political Activism

For individuals looking to take their opposition to abortion into the political arena, consider the organizations below.

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3 Comments on Non-Abort73 Involvement Opportunities

ProLifeKortney (Jun 17, 2009 / 10:47 CST)

If you’d like to start a chapter in your area we’d love to help. We can provide year-around support, free literature and discounted merchandise to those who start a Rock for Life chapter. Please e-mail me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you’re interested!

Kortney Blythe
Chapter & Street Team Coordinator
Rock for Life, http://www.rockforlife.org
A Project of American Life League, http://www.all.org

Alan Thorne (Jun 17, 2009 / 00:43 CST)

Would you like to add our organisation to your list of Non-Abort73 stuff? As you probably know, we are involved with friendly face-to-face encounters in town centres and campuses. We have free online training for anyone wanting to use our effective approach.


Alan, Director, Created4Life

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