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Finding Help

If You’re Pregnant

Find the information and help you need.

Abort73 exists to give you the facts and information that is not provided in the abortion clinic and to help connect you with practical alternatives to abortion.

You Care About Me, Right?

An open letter to abortion advocates.

Lindsay graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2004 with a degree in Visual Communications. Lindsay currently works as an artist & designer in Rockford, IL. This is her abortion story.

If You’ve Had an Abortion

Recovery is possible.

Abort73 is an educational resource – not a counseling center. But we can point you to ministries whose sole focus is to help people find healing after abortion, and we can tell you the relatively simple message upon which all true recovery is built: Christ died for sinners.

If You Perform Abortions

It's not too late to walk away.

Many in the abortion industry have already made the exodus out. If you perform abortions or work in an abortion clinic, it's time to join their ranks Your soul will thank you.

If You Doubt That Life Matters

Remember who made you.

Why is abortion wrong? Because it kills an innocent human being. Why is it wrong to kill an innocent human being? That's the question this page sets out to answer.

If You Wonder Why the World is So Messed Up

Scripture tells us.

We live in a tragically broken world. Abortion is one link in a long chain of human suffering and abuse. Does that mean God doesn't exist? Or doesn't care? Or is powerless to act? No, it doesn't. Here's why.

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