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Planned Parenthood Kills Black Babies. Legally. En Masse.

Jun 03, 2020 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion Arguments

Planned Parenthood did something remarkable this week. You might call it appalling—not necessarily for the substance of the message—but for the context in which it was made. Yesterday, of course, was #blackouttuesday. Anyone with an active Instagram presence already knows as much. And while there was some confusion as to what the precise message waseven at the highest levels—the gist of it was fairly simple. Violence against black lives—specifically, police violence—will not be tolerated. 

In light of the sweeping wave of blackout posts, I got to wondering about Planned Parenthood. Would the largest abortion business in America dare to join the angry and grieving masses by posting that simple black square? As it turns out, they did and they didn’t. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a corporate Instagram account, but many of their affiliates do. The Instagram account for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund did not post…

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Abortion in the Age of Coronavirus

Apr 24, 2020 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion in the News

It’s a strange time when churches and abortion clinics are both suing the federal government for ostensibly the same thing. Namely, the right to stay open. Then again, we may be living through the most quintessentially strange time in modern history—and nobody knows when it will end or what will emerge on the backside. Life lessons have been ours in abundance; consensus has not. The ever-shifting COVID-19 containment measures have become every bit as contentious as abortion itself. One man’s “essential” is another man’s “superfluous,” and vice versa. Hence the lawsuits. 

Those who oppose abortion are outraged at the notion that an elective procedure could be deemed a medical necessity, just as those who support abortion insist that easy access is more essential during a pandemic than at any other time in history. The outrage on both sides demonstrates again that we little understand our ideological opponents—which is worth considering. Ironically, many of the principles being used to justify this forced (“anti-choice”) lockdown are the same ones that are routinely flouted when the context…

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Abortion on the Rise for the First Time since 2006

Jan 22, 2020 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion in the News

Forty-seven years ago, today, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that all state prohibitions against abortion were unconstitutional—on the dubious assertions that (1) nobody knows when life begins and (2) the right to privacy includes the right to hire someone to “privately” execute your unborn child. Five decades later, the decision rendered by those seven men—which was supposed to put the abortion issue to rest once and for all—remains the most contentious verdict in American history. In fact, America is even more divided over abortion now than it was in 1973, when abortion managed to slip in through the back door. I suspect there will still be years of struggle ahead, but enough people are now awake to this injustice to ensure that abortion will never win the day. No lie can live forever.

That being said, it looks as if the United States' 12 straight years of declining abortion numbers have come to an end. For the last nine years I have used state-level abortion…

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Abortion, Righteousness, and the Proclamation of the Gospel

Nov 06, 2019 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Christian Living

I had the opportunity to speak last month at Faith Bible Church in Murrieta, CA. And before I go any further, let me just say what a blessing it was. Having grown accustomed to churches who want nothing to do with the abortion issue, their show of kindness and support was truly remarkable. And for that I am grateful! But since I don’t do a lot of speaking engagements—particularly of the 45-minute variety—I don’t have a selection of canned messages from which to pull from. As such, I had to prepare something from scratch, or nearly so. The title of my message wound up being “Abortion and the Gospel,” and though its first three-quarters covered territory I’d traversed before, the conclusion explored a line of thinking I had yet to articulate. I’d like to flesh that out more here—and as I told the folks at FBC, there’s a good chance I’m going to say some things you won’t necessarily agree with, but my hope is that you’ll consider the claims I make about Christ and the claims I make about the gospel in light of the gospel accounts themselves. 

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The Patriarchy Demands Abortion

Apr 03, 2019 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion Arguments

Twenty-nineteen marks my twentieth year of vocational opposition to abortion. I began with The Center for Bio-ethical Reform, where much of my time was spent on college campuses. In fact, I spent almost half of 1999 on the road. It began in Florida and ended in Washington state—but wherever we took the Genocide Awareness Project, there was one particular flyer that seemed to follow us around. I haven’t seen it in a decade or more, but it pictured a group of curmudgeonly old men and read, “77% of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never get pregnant.” The flyers didn’t bother with a citation for its purported statistic, but that didn’t keep abortion-rights advocates from distributing them with great glee.

The idea that opposition to abortion is a male phenomena is an incredibly useful piece of fiction for those who peddle abortion. Its acceptance is so ubiquitous in the mainstream that the term “women’s rights” has become shorthand for “abortion rights.” The problem, of course, is that it doesn’t fit the historic record—nor…

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Limping into the 47th Year of Roe

Jan 22, 2019 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion in the News

Two months ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published new nationwide abortion statistics—for 2015—which means that the most current federal abortion totals are already three years out of date. And they’re grossly incomplete at that, thanks to California’s decades-long abdication. The state with the largest population and the highest number of annual abortions has made an ongoing habit of not collecting or reporting abortion data. California uses public funds to pay for almost 90,000 abortions a year, but it won’t publicly disclose how many unborn Californians are killed each year by abortion. For that we must rely on estimates from the Guttmacher Institute, whose love-affair with abortion easily rivals Planned Parenthood’s own. And Guttmacher’s “current” abortion statistics are even more dated than the CDC’s.

For all these reasons, I started gathering state-by-state abortion data several years ago and using it to extrapolate annual…

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